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Hello, and welcome to the website for Spectrum: Auburn University's Gay-Straight Alliance! We are Auburn University's official gender and sexual minority advocacy and support group. 


Our goal is to promote mutually supportive relationships among ALL students in the interest of advancing campus and community diversity. We provide a safe haven for students, provide education for students and the community, and perform service within our community. Anyone and everyone are welcome!


We meet on a weekly basis during the Fall and Spring semesters. Meetings consist of a discussion topic, social activity, or on special occassions a guest lecturer. The floor is always open to members to discuss either topics that they find interesting or anything that they need to talk about. Afterwards, everyone is invited to go out to dinner at a restaurant of the group's choosing.


Spectrum welcomes anyone interested in issues relating to sexuality and gender, with the caveat that meetings are confidential. This is to ensure the privacy of all of our members. 


Need more information? Drop us a line on our Contact Us page! 

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